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How is UConn Chi Alpha

affected by COVID-19? 

Many of our students are affected by the COVID -19 pandemic and are choosing either to not return to campus or to not attend recreational gatherings on campus. We care about the health and safety of our students, which is why we will be providing online opportunities to participate in our central activities: 

  • Sunday Worship will be hosted over Zoom for members and will be streamed to Instagram and Facebook for the public. We are working obtaining campus space for a socially distanced worship service (abiding by University guidelines), but these online options will still be available. 

  • All Core Groups will be held exclusively over Zoom for the Fall Semester.


Links to join our activities can be requested by contacting us at or by using the respective contact forms on our website. 

Helpful Resources: 

UConn's Official Coronavirus Updates

Chi Alpha: Leading in this Pandemic


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