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Upcoming Events

Our 2022 September - December Events


Friday Gatherings (Featured Event)

Join us every Friday for the month of September for dinner, paid for by Chi Alpha!

2nd: Dinner at Blaze

9th: Dinner at Moes

16th: Dinner and Worship (d-hall swipes)

23rd: Chic-Fil-A brought on campus!

30th: Dinner and Worship (d-hall swipes)


Friday Gatherings (Featured Event)

7th: Dinner at (coming soon)

14th: Retreat (lots of dinners and worship)

21st: Dinner and Worship (d-hall swipes)


Friday Gatherings (Featured Event)

4th: Dinner at (coming soon)

11th: Dinner at Worship (d-hall swipes)

Enjoy Thanksgiving Break!


Friday Gatherings (Featured Event)

2nd: Dinner at (coming soon)

9th: Christmas Party

Enjoy Christmas Break!

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