PAWS For Encouragement

Welcome to our PAWS page! We are so glad you stopped by to receive a dose of encouragement from us. Every Monday we will provide new encouragement through text (poems, verses, prayers, etc.) or videos, so be sure to come back weekly and paws with us.

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Sometimes we hear a song and that moves us, either emotionally or spiritually. Sometimes we cry of the lyrics or cry from laughter (I'm thinking of you Weird Al). No matter how the song makes us feel we have a sense of "I've been blessed".

Below are two prayers that you can say after hearing such a song.

First Prayer

O Lord, let such melodies penetrate my hearts defenses,

gently revealing old wounds unto their eventual healings,

gently stirring longing unto the restoration of hope.


Second Prayer

Tune my heart, my mind, my life,

to voice your melodies, O God.

Thank you for joining us

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